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Are Transmission Flushes Important?

One auto maintenance that often gets overlooked is a transmission flush. While it is not done as frequently as your other maintenance, like oil changes, tire rotations, and filter replacements, it is still necessary for the longevity of your vehicle. Read on to learn more about the importance of transmission flushes.


Like your engine, your transmission system relies on a fluid to keep its temperature at bay and keep all of its moving parts properly lubricated. Transmission fluid is usually a red-colored fluid used to minimize friction. As the fluid travels and absorbs heat day in and day out, the fluid is bound to break down over time. It will pick up dirt, clutch material, metal shavings, etc. The overall system will deteriorate if you leave old, contaminated fluid in your transmission for too long. 


Therefore, a fluid flush is necessary to prevent problems down the line with your transmission. The process involves a professional technician emptying the old fluid, rinsing the system, and replacing it with new and fresh transmission fluid.


The interval recommended for this service can vary from car to car, depending on the demands on the transmission. You can look in your owner's manual for more details. Another way you can determine when you need to freshen up your transmission fluid is by checking the condition of the liquid itself. Some older transmissions have a dipstick that is easy to use. If your vehicle is newer and doesn't have one, please bring your vehicle in for a fluid inspection. 


Our professional mechanics will only recommend a transmission flush when you need it. For honest and reliable transmission services, please do not hesitate to come by Carport Automotive.