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Brake Repair and Services

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Having good working brakes in your vehicle should be a priority as a car owner. Your car’s braking system is essential to your safety on the road, allowing you to slow or stop at any rate when you need to. That is why proper brake maintenance and regular inspections are so important. Here at Carport Automotive, we are your source for comprehensive brake repair and service in Houston, TX. We proudly work on all makes and models of vehicles and have the experience necessary to handle any brake service or repair that your vehicle may need.

Here at our Houston brake repair shop, our ASE Master certified technicians are extremely skilled and are very knowledgeable when it comes to vehicle braking systems. When performing any of your car’s brake services, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and tools in order to make sure that our work is done right. Plus, only the best parts and products are used to guarantee that your brakes are safe once you leave our shop. We also stand behind the quality of our work with an outstanding warranty, covering you for up to 2 years or 24,000 miles.

Having a brake issue inspected at the first sign of trouble is key to your safety on the road. Here are some symptoms to look out for that can indicate brake trouble:

  • Brake pedal requires more pressure than usual
  • Brake system light turns on
  • Loss of brake power
  • Screeching noise while braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while braking
  • Vehicle vibrates or shakes while braking

As soon as you begin experiencing any of the warning signs listed above, bring your car into Carport Automotive for a thorough inspection. Brake problems can be due to a number of different reasons, including worn brake pads, warped rotors, brake fluid leaks, damaged calipers, and more. The sooner we repair the issue, the less you’ll spend on repairs and the safer you’ll be on the road.

When you need brake repair in Houston, TX, look no further than the trusted professionals here at Carport Automotive. We look forward to seeing you soon, so please call or schedule an appointment online today if your car needs a repair or service.